Effectiveness & Efficiency to manage Anti Money Laundering

What is E2AML?

E2AML stands for Effectiveness & Efficiency to manage Anti Money Laundering (AML). The software provides the solution supervising sanctions/PEP exposure risks by ensuring name screening tools are optimised for maximum performance with minimum overhead.

Aereve E2AML is a Cloud-based communication portal for AML/CFT/KYC analytics.  The software is unique in the world. Why unique? Whilst the software is a combination of a complex mathematical formula with artificial intelligence in order to get multiple ways to manipulate the name in Chinese and the English equivalents of the name.

The Aereve E2AML software combines

  1. A mathematical non-transliteration formula, and

  2. Artificial intelligence in combination with Natural Language processing.

    The outcome provides both Latin and non-Latin script names (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Chinese Commercial Code) including native-to-native character manipulation. For this a patent is pending. 

    Western (Latin language) based screening systems and Western based screening test software do (often) not take into account non-transliteration. Used are the English names based on the official Chinese spelling. By doing so these systems are highly inaccurate for native names in Chinese and its Latin equivalent. 

    E2AML solves the Chinese transliteration issues for AML.

    A well known example: names in Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese and many other languages, must be transliterated from their mother tongue into Roman characters. Since there are many phonemes in these languages without a corresponding sequence in Latin characters there are then many different ways of transliterating the same name. As a highly cited example, the name of the former Libyan leader has been written in several different ways (Gaddafi, Qadhafi, Kaddafi, Gadhafi, Ghathafi, Qaddafi, Ghadafi).

    See also the video on the transliteration issue: