Effectiveness & Efficiency to manage Anti Money Laundering

What are E2AML and E2KYC?

E2 stands for Effectiveness & Efficiency.  Aereve E2 technology has participated in the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) Financial Supervisory Sandbox (FSS) 3.0, sponsored by PingAn One Connect Bank (PAOB), Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and Hong Kong Technology and Innovation Fund (ITF).

Aereve E2KYC – AML/CFT Name Screening Product

Aereve E2KYC provides the actual AML/CFT name screening and transaction screening capabilities, leveraging Aereve self-developed self-invented ‘native-to-native’ technology, coupling with modular KYC features for traditional compliance, ESG and Green KYC such as Chinese-centric adverse media, Cross Boundary KYC for  Mainland Chinese Residents and Companies, Blockchain-based Green Passport powered by Treelion, Optical Characters Recognition, Customer Risk Assessment and Institutional Risk Assessment etc. 

Aereve E2AML – AML/CFT Name Screening Assessment / Testing Product

Aereve E2AML provides assessment capability to test the effectiveness and efficiency of your AML/CFT name screening system in both English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese characters, leveraging Aereve self-developed self-invented ‘native-to-native’ technology. E2AML provides a cloud-based portal for AML/CFT/KYC analytics, leveraging a combination of a complex mathematical formula with artificial intelligence in order to get multiple ways to manipulate the name in Chinese and the English equivalents of the name.


Aereve E2AML and E2KYC provide

  1. Industry Pioneer in AI-based Natural Language processing AML/CFT  Assessment / Testing with False Positive Analysis in Latin and Non-Latin Character natively

  2.  Standard-defining non-Latin characters focused AML name screening solution industry has been seeking for. Currently the typical screening systems inthe market focus on name matching based on translating or transliterating any non-latin characters into English characters before performing the fuzzy logic matching. Such an approach is error prone which results in an unnecessary amount of false positives. No matter how much effort spent to resolve the matching results, the “first level” matching data was not optimal. No matter what additional alert investigation management solution the end users leverage to resolve the case results, the ultimate effectiveness and efficiency are not ideal and optimal. 

  3. Self-invented self-developed patented native-to-native chinese characters fuzzy logic handling technology to the matching engine of AML name screening and assessment engine of AML name screening testing, which results in optimal screening and screening assessment in the first level of analytics natively, thereby saving end user time and effort to optimize screening system performance and to  investigate / resolve the cases from AML checks, reducing false positives and increasing overall AML control effectiveness and efficiency.