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Unique screening testing solution for English and Chinese with both transliteration and native-to-native capabilities

About us

The management of Aereve has gained supreme knowledge over the last 20 years with KYC screening, AML transaction monitoring and regulatory compliance. Hands on experience includes regulatory reporting, whilst working and leading the top financial service providers in the world and working for regulators.

Knowledge and experience includes regulator’s onsite inspection, thematic review, in terms of contracting, project management and thematic review result analytics. Such experience led to our supervisory technology catered for all regulated entities.

Banks, SVF (Stored Value Facilitator) and Crypto Exchanges have been using our sanctions screening testing system, E2AML to gain factual understanding of their AML/CFT/KYC screening systems’ capabilities, processes and controls.

Backed by Oxford university degrees in Mathematics, the team was able to create unique innovative software for the testing and validation of sanction screening and transaction monitoring technologies used by financial institutions in the regulated sector for protection against the risks associated with financial crime.

The E2AML sanctions screening testing software is unique in the world for Chinese translateral capabilities.