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Institutional Risk Assessment using translateral Regtech


Improving/calibrating procedures leads to reduced costs and low / no penalty risk


Reduction of irrelevant alerts, less false positives etc. leads to higher productivity.

Non-Latin script testing?

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority writes on regularity
and independence of the testing:
“2.2. Effective screening procedures should be in place for names that use non-Latin script (including Chinese characters) or commercial codes. Such procedures should be reviewed periodically.

Regular and independent tests?

Wolfsberg Anti Money Laundry principles for
correspondent banking writes on testing:
“Testing conducted to validate that the screening system is performing as expected and to assess its effectiveness in managing the specific risks articulated in the FI’s Risk Assessment. Regular testing of the system should be supported by metrics, analysis and reporting.

We provide a comprehensive solution to our clients so they can focus on their core business.

Limitless possibilities

User-friendly layout

  • Source
  • Source sub-program
  • Primary manipulation type
  • Detailed manipulation
  • Language (English, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese)

The peer/benchmark average in terms of effectiveness and efficiency is provided at different granular levels.

Extensive reporting

Analysis reports as:
  • Summary report at test level
  • Summary report at overall dashboard level
  • Peer test level
  • False positive report
  • Detailed report


Blended Language specificities from the East and West for AML control

Global team

Our team speaks English, Putonghua, Cantonese, Spanish, French and German

Industry experts

Over 20+ years of experience individually in
technology and financial institutions

User friendly tool

Easy to set up and
apply the outcome of tests

Intuitive user interface

Browser based access
to Cloud platform

Get inspired

Using our screen system testing technology will inspire you for process changes

What they say


  • “… Aereve translateral Regtech could be considered as part of the growth strategy roadmap and bureau based financial services ecosystems, in the rising trend of translateral (i.e. reliance of western centric technology), ESG rating, DCEP, EID, eKYC lifecycle management, Virtual Asset Secure token (Crypto), while complying with global standard as FATF recommendation (e.g. interVASP-101 messaging standard).” See video

    Stephen Kai-yi Wong
    Barrister-at-Law at Gilt Chambers (Hong Kong)
  • “Aereve provided excellent tools and support to enhance our AML/CFT process. We were given so much insights in our process implementation and the E2AML tool is truly powerful in saving my team’s hours in manual work while minimizing our regulatory and audit risks. I would highly recommend Aereve to our peers in the industry.”

    Wallace Lau
    CEO, 33 Finance
  • “Aereve provides industry expertise related to sanction screening testing solutions. Given the rising need in Regtech together with the trend in transliteration, we found that Aereve’s deep and rich expertise can be leveraged for practical solutions, particularly, the sanction testing screening in Chinese and peer comparison assessment.”

    May Yim
    COO, Hang Tang International Capital
  • “The Aereve’s approach has proven to give a faster and more efficient turn-around response to a wider spectrum of information users”

    Eric Chan
    Certification Chairman, The Institute of Compliance Officers